Having just lost his job former qualifier Ian Covey’s luck changed on Saturday when he qualified for anglings top prize again with 41lb 12oz of fish on peg 94 at Wylands Snake Lake.


A jubilant Ian crowed, “I am really chuffed to bits to win as the final is a fantastic day out but must admit I was worried about hearing stories of 18 carp at peg 199.”


Pole and corn tempted five good carp over pellet close in whilst three smaller fish succumbed to meat over pellet to give the 59-year-old Willow Park bailiff the chance for the £25,000 jackpot after his last visit to Yorkshire in 2004.


Once again the weather played its part as conditions were overcast to begin with but by mid match the rain had started in earnest and it was pretty miserable for those taking part especially as the early signs looked good for some bumper catches.


Second placed Alan Simmons with 40-4-0 struggled in the final 90 minutes as the rain got a firm hold and the 32-year-old fire fighter wasn’t able to deal with five fish including a real lump that were hooked from the far bank reeds.  Just one of those he lost would have been good enough for the Hayfield Lakes winner take all final.  Maybe Alan will be able to go one better at Willinghurst or Whiteacres.


Third placed Carshalton DAS rod David Walker at peg 90, would have pulled of a shock win from not one of the fancied areas but for losing two foul-hooked fish and preventing him from adding to his total of 36-0-0.


The bonus for expectant anglers is that there are now two more tickets available for Tunnel Barn and Viaduct.


Result: 1 I Covey, Willow Park, 41-12-0; 2 A Simmons, Southmoor AC, 40-4-0; 3 D Walker, Carshalton DAS, 36-0-0; 4 D Chipperfield, Bromages, 35-9-0; 5 A Roberts, Middy, 30-10-0; 6 M Hoye, 28-8-0.