Winner of this penultimate Fish ‘O’ Mania qualifier with a total weight of 102 lb 2 oz was Adam Southgate who drew peg 103 on Syndicate Lake at Gold Valley Lakes, Aldershot on Saturday 25th June 2016.  Adam managed to catch the majority of his fish on the waggler at 25m using pellets but also found two bonus carp for 30 lb by dobbing meat on the pole.

Preston Innovations Delcac angler Eddie Green came very close to making it to the final for the second year on the bounce.  Fishing Middle Lake Eddie weighed 88 lb 4 oz for second overall and a comfortable lake win. While the remainder of the lake struggled for bites Eddie caught the majority of his fish dobbing on the long pole and a couple on the pellet waggler.  A couple of lost fish would prove costly, and denied Eddie his second final appearance.

Third place went to Army (Fosters) Match group angler Greg Victor, who caught 79 lb 7 oz of carp from peg 115 on Syndicate Lake using the method feeder and also some shallow on the pole at 16m.

With a full list of 60 reserves it was disappointing to see 28 empty pegs in this qualifier.  Although some anglers had informed the organiser that they could not make it.

Other results;
4th. Ben Emery 76 lb 8 oz.
5th. Mark Harrington 70 lb 21 oz.
6th. Mathew Crowe 67 lb 12 oz.
7th. Steve Jackson 67 lb 3 oz.
8th. Craig Meadows 65 lb 0 oz.
9th. Kevin Parker 64 lb 13 oz.
10th. JamesTaylor 63 lb 14 oz.

The very last Fish ‘O’ Mania qualifier of this year heads to Garbolino Lindholme Lakes, Epworth, Doncaster on Wednesday 29th June 2016.