Fishing enters the digital age this week as TV channel Discovery Real Time launches a podcast dedicated to angling. 

The podcast is  hosted by fishing guru and Discovery Real Time presenter Matt Hayes with the aim of ‘making a splash’ with Britain‘s four million anglers.


‘Essential Fishing Skills with Matt Hayes’ is an audio guide from one of the UK‘s most skilled and best-loved anglers. From Friday 14th July, the first in the series of five shows will be available for free download from in weekly instalments to provide fans of the UK’s most popular participation sport, with a step-by-step guide to the art of landing the catch of the day.


Designed for both complete novices and fans who’d like to brush up their technique, ‘Essential Fishing Skills with Matt Hayes’ is packed full of hints and tips aimed to give the audience the core skills needed for a successful day by the riverbank.  In each episode Matt is joined by experts who share their angling know-how across a range of topics including everything you need to know about buying the right kit and casting out, all the way to ‘baiting the swim’ and ‘playing the fish’.


Knowledge of the art of angling has traditionally been passed down from generation to generation, however there are worries in the fishing world that this custom may be in danger of dying out.   One of the aims of the Discovery Real Time’s podcast is to offer the younger generation a new way of learning essential angling skills by simply plugging into their iPods.



Matt Hayes, explains: “There’s never been a better time to take up fishing –  the sport has changed dramatically since the days when I started out nearly 20 years ago. It’s now cheaper than ever to set yourself up with a beginners kit and there are hundreds of fantastic fishing spots all over the country to choose from. The podcasts are the perfect way for fishing fans to learn the basics, whether they’re on the way to work, practising in the garden or actually on the side of the river casting out.”


‘Essential Fishing Skills with Matt Hayes’ can be downloaded from and iTunes.



o          Discovery Real Time is the UK‘s leading broadcaster of fishing TV programmes

o          Matt Hayes has just finished filming his 12th series for Discovery Real Time – The Greater Rod Race – which airs in Autumn 2006


Fishing Series on Discovery Real Time  – Summer 2006 There’s a great variety of angling series to watch on Discovery Real Time throughout the Summer including Total Fishing With Matt Hayes; Botham on the Fly; Record Breaking Fish; John Wilson’s Fishing Safari; Go Fishing Specials; Buena Vista Fishing Club; Hooked on Fishing and Lake Escapes

o          Fridays  – 2100-2300

o          Monday – Friday  – 0700-0900, 1500-1600, 1900-1930

o          Saturday and Sunday  – 0800 – 1300


New Fishing Series Coming up in Autumn 2006

Carp Crew 2   – Along with specialist guest anglers and recognised experts, one of the UK’s leading names in carp angling, presenter Kev Green, will share his wealth of experience and offer insight into the UK’s carp fishing community.



The Greater Rod Race – Matt Hayes and Mick Brown succeed in catching every species of fresh-water fish in the UK in just 30 days! With a new set of challenges every day and penalties for failure, two of the UK’s most experienced anglers put their skills under real pressure.


John Wilson’s Dream Fishing – Featuring stunning wild locations, in the British Isles and abroad, John tackles some of the most demanding species.


Fishing Road Trip – Paul Young takes a fishing road trip through the East of the USA from Maine to Miami visiting a different state in each episode and taking in wonderful fishing locations, wildlife and scenery.