Fishing tales from Wales

We’ve noticed that anglers who come to Wales, tend to come back again. And again. And again.

It must be something to do with the 22,000 acres of lakes set in scenery that hasn’t changed for centuries.

Or maybe it’s the 2,406 miles of sea trout rivers and 750 miles of coastline that’s got them hooked.

The variety of the waters and richness of species make for plenty of fish tales too. Talk to any angler who’s been to Wales and you’re sure to hear some good stories

– like this one:

The one that flew away…

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Rhys Evans was fishing on the Llyn Tegid, Wales’ largest natural lake, when he spotted a jack pike basking not 10 yards away, and prepared to cast his lure. But before it had a chance to hit the water, an osprey did, diving out of nowhere to snatch the fish in its talons. Well Rhys couldn’t say who was more surprised – him or the pike. But it did make for a fine story in the pub afterwards!

Game, sea, coarse… fishing in Wales has it all
The River Usk is a paradise for game fishermen. It’s certainly a beauty, but it’s also a challenging beast – being home to the wiliest and wildest of brown trout.

If you like the salty sea breezes and the thrill of a fast chase, then the sea around the rugged Pembrokeshire coast is teeming with blue sharks, bass, pollack and mackerel. It’s hard work, but highly satisfying.

There’s bundles of coarse angling in Wales too, with just about all the species from perch, barbel, carp to pike waiting to do battle with you. Try Bala Lake and the River Wye for starters.

Insider information
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Come fishing in Wales soon and create some stories of your own.