Fishing TV has smashed through the QUARTER OF A MILLION DOWNLOADS barrier for its Smart TV app. And they have done it in less than ten months!

The Fishing TV app is available free on all smart Samsung and Panasonic Smart TVs and blu-ray players sold EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, the only angling channel on this platform.

The app went live in July 2012. Since then it has been downloaded to around 900 new devices every single day – that’s around 28,000 new anglers a month downloading the app. You can only download it once, and the figures are ongoing. 
The app currently gives you access to our four great free-to-view video magazines – Carp Channel, Sea Watch, Coarse & Match Fishing and Game Fisher’s Diary – and there are plans in place for the introduction of several new channels in summer 2013.

If you have a Samsung or Panasonic Smart TV, you can download the Fishing TV app from the ‘Lifestyle’ section in the Apps area of the TV’s Smart Hub. By the time you read this it could be in the ‘Sports’ section on Panasonic. But you can also get it on ordinary ‘non-Smart’ TVs by simply plugging in a smart blu-ray player from one of the two manufacturers.

The result has been a massive increase in the reach and viewing figures for the channel, with nearly 200,000 unique users viewing our video magazines which are generating some 337,000 video views PER ISSUE. 

“The Fishing TV app is a phenomenon,” said head of channel Gareth Purnell. “If anything the speed of uptake is increasing as more and more people upgrade their televisions. January 2013 saw over 40,000 downloads of the app, and each of those is a brand new customer. 

“The projections of Smart TV are stunning and the beauty is it’s getting video into people’s lounges where they really want to watch it.

“It’s expected that 50% of all households will have Smart TV access of some kind by 2017 and this has given us the platform we have been looking for to fulfill our goal of creating a worldwide TV channel for the sport of angling.”

To find out more about Fishing TV contact or call 01582 834622.