More than 500 anglers were brought in front of the courts by the Environment Agency in March for fishing without a valid rod licence, resulting in more than £70,000 in fines and costs.
“A number of anglers believed a licence was valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. This is not the case. All rod licences expire on March 31. To make the most of your licence, renew it soon and maximise its use for the year,” Said Environment Agency Head of Fisheries Dafydd Evans
“Failure to have valid rod  licence is an offence. We use intelligence led enforcement work to help our officers on the ground target the rivers, lakes and other waters where we believe cheats are present”

“Last year, we invested approximately £30 million in improving fish stocks and angling opportunities, with some £20 million of this coming from rod licence fees. The money raised through rod licence sales is invested directly in fisheries work that benefits all anglers. “
Fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish and eels in England and Wales and the Border Esk in Scotland requires a licence from the Environment Agency. Those caught fishing illegally face tough penalties, including fines of up to £2,500 and a ban from fishing. 

Our new charges for rod licences for 2008-09 financial year have now come into effect. For 2008/09 a full season coarse and trout fishing licence costs just £25.00 and a salmon and sea trout licence costs £68.00. There is also a range of concessionary, junior, eight day and one day licences available.
Buying a new licence couldn’t be easier – around 15,000 Post Offices and other outlets sell them; a direct debit can be set up, and they can be purchased over the phone (0870 1662662) or on-line at <>  any time, day or night.

Media enquiries: 020 7863 8710, or outside normal office hours, please contact the
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Region           Defendants prosecuted      Total fines     Total costs     Cautions

Anglian                        49                                £2,788             £2,730            

Midlands                      93                                £7,874             £6,208            

North East                   81                                £5,007             £5,530            

North West                  84                                £4,440             £6,105                        

Southern                     62                                £4,915             £4,400                        

South West                 46                                £3,255             £3,000            

Thames                       97                                £6,455             £6,450                        

Wales                          19                                £1,750             £1,250            

Total                           531                              £36,483           £35,673