Flaked maize is a really cheap way of bulking out groundbait, especially when you are pre-baiting and intend to use maize or sweetcorn on the hook.

Once prepared so that it has turned soft and mushy, the feed will create an attractive, sweet cloud in the water that helps pull fish to your swim. It’s especially potent when used to feed in clear water venues.

Our guide deals with the quick and easy way, which is to boil the flaked maize for 60 seconds. This creates a sweet mush which is soaked into the groundbait when you mix it and dissipates into the water to attract fish.

If you want whole flakes to appear in your mixed-up bait, it’s better to soak in cold water for around four hours – this way the flakes will stay together on mixing. We obtained our flaked maize online from www.hinders.co.uk .

1 Flaked maize looks a bit like cornflakes but is harder.
2 Place the maize you need in a pan and cover with water.
3 Bring the feed to the boil and simmer for 60 seconds.
4 Take off the heat and stir the mushy flakes to break them up.
5 The stirring will turn the feed into a sticky, sweet slop.
6 Allow the maize to cool for about 30 minutes.
7 Once cooled, you can feed as slop or add the feed to semi-dry groundbait.
8 Mix in well so all the liquid is absorbed into the crumb.
9 The scent and bigger particles will attract but offer very little food content.
10 We got our flaked maize from bait specilaists Hinders.