This highly abrasion-resistant brand mainline with almost zero stretch is available in bulk 300m spools as such will appeal to the carp, predator and the sea angling market.

For the predator angler fishing lures, it will transmit every movement of the lure through to the rod tip and help you detect delicate takes, while anglers fishing at distance with drifter float set-ups in particular will benefit from the ability to set hooks at range due to the lack of stretch.

Constructed from so-called ‘Spectra Fibres’, Fox has had this braid manufactured with a low diameter-to-breaking strain ratio and it also appears to have a slick coating, helping it glide through the rod rings and thus making distance casting much easier.

The low diameter also makes it very supple for 20lb-plus braid and it therefore knots really well – Palomar knots and grinner knots are recommended.

It’s buoyant which will help it steer clear of many problems on boulder-strewn and snaggy venues, but boasts excellent abrasion resistance anyway should a big fish try and get you into trouble.

Breaking strains/length: 20lb x 300m; 25lb x 300m, 30lb x30m



Price: Expect to pay around £25 for a spool


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