Angling Lines offer 39 quality carp fishing venues in France – a massive choice.  From small and intimate waters through to massive inland seas needing boats and echo sounders, they’ve got the lot. 

They particularly specialise in family venues where you can safely take the kids and missus knowing they’ll be happy too.  Some lakes have luxury accommodation including swimming pools and saunas right by the lakes edge.  There’s a huge choice of carp fishing challenges too – easy runs waters which are the perfect place to improve on your UK personal best through to true specimen waters containing carp to 76lb for the really serious. 

They have a FREE brochure and DVD – visit their Angling Lines or give them a call on 08712 004466/01246 857600 if you’d like a copy.  The DVD features all the venues and includes footage of the facilities, interviews with the lake owners and anglers on the bank, plus action footage of carp being landed.