Top pole brand Garbolino is introducing that opportunity to ‘upgrade’ your pole, but save money by not having to by the full kits package on its new ‘UK’ range. 

Said a spokesman: “Here at Garbolino we understand that purchasing a pole can be a tough decision. Especially when you have lots of top kits from a previous pole and are reluctant to ‘start again’ once you have already got kitted out.

“For all of you Garbolino fans out there and for those Garbolino pole owners looking to upgrade, then we are now offering the fabulous UK1, 2, 3 and 4 models as ‘pole only’ options.

This means that for anglers who already own a Garbolino pole with all of the top kits that you need, then this becomes a very cost effective way to upgrade.

We don’t like to make claims that we can’t back up and our UK series of poles is by far the best range of poles that we have ever produced with market leading performance at any price range.”

For more details, check out the following link