No wonder Ben Eastman of Cardiff is all smiles after landing this beautiful 206lb common skate on his first ever attempt at catching the species – and from the shore.

The mighty fish came during a trip to Oban in Scotland, an Isle famed for its big skate fishing. The expedition also saw fish of 202lb and 92lb landed by Ben and his fishing pals, Robert Cole, John Howcroft, Paul Swainston, Nick Beavis, Lee Byrne and Jamie Sargeant.

The fish, which fell to mackerel and was returned to fight another day, as were all the others, fell to a whole mackerel in 30 metres of water and an 80lb braid mainline. It took and arm wrenching 30 minutes to bring the big fish into sight. Ben understandably described himself afterwards as in ‘serious pain’ but ‘totally overwhelmed’.

The British record shore caught Common skate stands at 226lb, held by Craig Mackay on the North east coast of Scotland. It’s biggest ever fish to be landed from UK shores.