Tunnel Barn Farm

All pools are full after rain in midweek but fish are still feeding up in the water and down the inside with maggot, corn and pellet best.


Top Pool

Lots of F1 carp, roach, perch, bream, chub on all pegs with red maggot at four metres best. Also try corn down the inside. Pegs 1-16 fishing well.


Bottom Pool

A few double figure carp caught this week on corn. Roach, bream, perch and tench falling to bronze maggot. Pegs 1-14 fishing well.


House 1

Fish down the inside on maggot with slop. Lots of silver fish up in the water at 4-5 metres. Big carp to be had on open ended feeder to the island with maggot and corn. Pegs 1-16 in form.


House 2

Fish have moved out to four metres on all pegs with F1s, roach, bream the main fish caught. Pegs 19-35 best.


New Pool

Roach, bream, chub, carp, perch and tench on all pegs with pellet the best bait. Pegs 19-44 in fine form.


Canal Pool

F1 carp showing well all over pool at 3m. At 10m roach, perch and bream providing sport up and down in the water. Pegs 13-24 best.


Club Pool

Some big carp and bream showing to pellets. Tench and roach taking corn and maggots.