Match anglers in the UK have a brand new national competition to look forward to, which looks set to give club and open match fisherman an equal chance of winning.

Eighteen months in the making, the BAGGING MACHINE LEAGUE will see anglers able to enter their weights from one weekend five-hour match a week, with the highest accumulated total weights over a month winning cash prizes.

It doesn’t matter whether the weight is from a club match or an open match, but it must come from one of over 100 top fisheries who have already signed up for the league including the likes of Tunnel Barn Farm, Cudmore Fisheries, Makin’s, Heronbrook, Lake John, Packington, Tyler’s Common, Shatterford Fishery and Moorlands Farm.

The Bagging Machine League is sponsored by top match angler Steve Gregory of Miracle Baits, who welcomes a new match format on the scene that gives everyone a chance of the big prize

Steve said: “It’s good to see something new which is supporting and encouraging the club and open match fisherman to compete nationally, whilst providing an equal chance of winning.”

Organisers Roger Sage and John Thornborrow – who earlier this year launched a national competition for big fish anglers with similar ‘level playing field’ parameters – have categorized the fisheries into two divisions, with three monthly prizes in each.

Anglers must select which division to fish in at the start of the competition.

In 2014 the plan is to move to a 40-week competition over the season, with monthly cash prizes, leading to big money semi finals and finals.

Anglers have to already be entered into the competition to stand a chance – in other words you can’t put together a massive match weight and then enter.

You have to be in it to win it and you submit your own weights online, which are then verified by the match organiser/fishery owner before being accepted and entered into the league table.

Entry costs from under £4 a week with the Bagging Machine League kicking off in September 2013. Find out more at

The Bagging Machine League