Brian Mathieson from West Denton on Bowes peg 38 caught over 200lb of fish in a morning session on Monday, including 4 fish over 10lb and was fish a chuck all on pellet and paste at his feet 
Some excellent sport again this week with customers getting hugh catches and even saying our carp must be on steroids as they go so fast and unstopping, our biggest carp have been out as well as bream now over 14lb massive slabs some of them now. 
Pellet and paste doing very well, however worm and casters also bring in the catches and some quality size fish. Maggot if you want silvers or multiple maggot if you want carp, 
Keep feed going in as they are very hungrey and keep a margin peg at your feet fed as well as one 10 meters out  or accross to the islands 
Sunday 25th Aug 2013 open Lookout Ton Up
Conditions:- heavy overnight rain, mostly cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, wind N 6mph, barometer 1018mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 18.4 deg, do 4.99 dawn, ph 7.38, mv-15

1st John Foster 110lb 5oz peg 16aa
2nd John Dryden 63lb 15oz peg 5
3rd Chris Pine 51lb peg 11
4th M Craig 44lb 2oz peg 24
5th Ray Wallace 41lb 13oz peg 386th Dave Pearson 41lb 3oz peg 3

Sat 24th Aug 2013 open Bowes Ton UP 
Conditions:- Torrential Rain overnight, mostly cloudy, wind calm, barometer 1012.9mb, moon phase wanning gibbous,  water temp 19.1 deg, DO 5,3, PH7.28 rain in afternoon 
1st Alister Morris 112lb 10oz peg 34
2nd Richard Wildman 88lb 14oz peg 40
3rd Drew Richmond 55lb 12oz peg 1

Wed 21st Aug 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions:- fair, ambient temp 21 deg, wind SSW 12 mph, barometer 1019.3mb, moon phase Full, water temp 18.2 deg, PH 7.65, DO 6.96
1st Jackie Nelson 59lb 15oz peg 24
2nd John Dryden 57lb 11oz peg 4
3rd Ricky Bennett 56lb 1oz peg 34
4th Chris Pine 47lb 10oz peg 40
5th John Nelson 33lb 2oz peg 16
6th Ethan Bradley 29lb 11oz peg 2