The River Severn revealed one of its giant zander to Stourbridge angler Gary Bagley when he slipped the net under a magnificent 18lb 10oz fish during a boat session.

Gary, who legered a hand-sized skimmer bream in darkness, says that the best areas for the species on the river are where the riverbed drops sharply away and any areas with plenty of snags.

Another angler to cash in on the big zander sport is Mark Humphries, who true to form located a deep hole on the river and fished a 4in roach for a superb 17lb 4oz fish.

The river Severn currently holds the British zander record thanks to the fluke capture of a 21lb 5oz fish last year by James Benfield at Upper Lode Lock. Jamie was fishing the Method feeder for carp and bream at the time.