This morning (Thursday 11 December 2008), the Environment Agency Fisheries Team, based in Nottingham, introduced 500 one year old Grayling into the River Erewash at Toton and Long Eaton as part of a rehabilitation scheme in partnership with the River Erewash Foundation. The Grayling were supplied by the Environment Agency’s own fish farm at Calverton. 

The Erewash, which flows from Kirkby in Ashfield to the Trent confluence at Attenborough has suffered problems in the past. Improvements in water quality have led to improved fish populations and even reports of otters along its banks. 

Following consultation, the Environment Agency, the Wild Trout Trust, the Grayling Society, local councils and other site users agreed to carry out today’s trial stocking of grayling to assess the potential for sustainable trout and grayling populations within the lower river. 

The water quality, assessed in line with standards for trout and grayling, is suitable. 

The fisheries department look to return next year to survey the stretch and assess growth and survival of the grayling stocked. 

The breeding and release of these fish is funded by anglers through rod licence money. The more anglers buy rod licences, the more work we can do to improve angling for the future.