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Grafham Water 27 November call 01480 810531

Rutland Water 4 December call 01780 686441
Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
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Rutland Water
Anglers who put in the effort were rewarded with fish in several areas of Rutland Water last week. Season ticket holder Martin Hearth caught four fish off the Peninsula along with Rutland Water Senior Ranger Andy Ainscough who caught four Rainbows on small floating fry. The Old Disabled Bay also saw fish being caught, along with Whitwell and Ernies Point where Cameron Neil returned a quality Brown, estimated at around 8lb. Dan Pitcher fished last Friday and caught and released three Browns from the Fishing Lodge frontage.

Although only a few anglers boat fished last week, Rob Keber from Leicester had two good trips and plenty of sport, despite the colder weather. Rob had Rainbows up to and around 3½-4lb. He also returned a 6lb plus Brown on his first visit.

Rutland Water will host its popular Fur and Feather bank match on Sunday 4 December. Please call the Fishing Lodge for more information on 01780 686441 (open 8am to 2pm, 7 days a week).

Predator fishing
Last week there were rumours of a decent Pike being caught, estimated at 25lb plus. Whilst Zander anglers are having mixed sport with fish appearing to be on feeding spells during the day, particularly during the last hour of daylight.

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Pike fishing with lure and dead sea bait 6 October to 31 January 2017
Please remember that Browns are now out of season and winter restrictions are also in place.
Rutland Water Fur & Feather (bank) 4 December
Grafham Water
Fish 591(Season 25,049) Returns 128(4,403) Rod average 4.61(5.68)
Two anglers stand out from the crowd this week, each with a fantastic bank haul. Firstly Mr Ward managed a fantastic 15 fish from the bank during his day out. Keith Jones continues his tremendous run of form with an incredible 18 fish. Keith has fished fantastically all season and has continued to find the fish week in, week out.

Generally speaking the quick change in weather conditions has seen fishing steady to a respectable rod average of 4.61 for the week. The rapidly changing conditions have seen boat fishing toughen up. Good days are still being had by those targeting fry feeders in deeper water and by those anglers fishing close to shore lines on shrimp patterns in shallower water. Although it is useful to have lures in the box to tempt the fish to pull. Now the clarity is coming back into the water it may be worth boat fishing each spot for a longer time period to allow the swim to settle down.

Some fantastic bank fishing is being had, predominantly around the north shore. However, areas fishing well now include Perry Point, the Seat, Mander Car Park and the Harbour Arms – so all well worth a try. Methods are much the same as last week although many anglers are catching well on lures when things start to slow down. Currently the most productive fishing is early in the mornings or late afternoons.

Just a reminder that our Harbour View Café is open mid week 8am to 3pm and 11am to 4pm at the weekend – an inviting spot to warm up when needed.

Now a lot more anglers are wading, we would like to reiterate the wash down procedures. It is absolutely essential that you wash down after your session finishes and we suggest fully drying all your equipment after use to help stop the spread of the non native killer shrimp. Thank you all for your co-operation.

Best boat areas Sludge Point, Gaynes Cove, the Dam, B Buoy to G Buoy (drifting) and the Seat, Deep Water Point.

Best bank areas North and south Dam, Plummers, Mander Car Park and Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Pylon Point.

Mid week boat winner Arthur Sykes of Skegness.

Forthcoming events
Fly fishing for Pike to 31 January 2017 (subject to boat availability)
Pike fishing with lure & dead sea bait 1 October to 31 January 2017
Anglian Water Fur & Feather (bank) 27 November
Pitsford Water
Pitsford Water has continued to fish well from both bank and boat with some good back end fish to be had. The rod average for the week is 2.9. Plenty of quality Browns have been reported and although out of season, these fish are giving great sport when hooked. Please take care and return all Browns in good health.

Shrimp and fry patterns are best from both bank and boat.

Pitsford Fur & Feather 12 November.

Pitsford Water hosted the popular annual Fur and Feather Pairs boat match on Sunday. 42 Anglers caught 124 fish for a rod average of 3, with seven of the pairs catching their ten fish limit. The match was won by Rob Edmunds and Gary Geoghan – the pair caught 10 fish for 20lb 11oz. Pip Jeffs and Ashley Cooper took second place with 10 fish for 19lb 13oz. Father and son the Davis Boys were third with 10 fish for 18lb 11oz.

The match was followed by a lovely hot meal of stew and dumplings provided by Gordon of the Chequers at Ravensthorpe.

Mid week boat winner John Clarke of Winwick, Huntingdon.

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Predator fishing boat – lure and dead sea bait to 31 January 2017.
Predator fishing bank – lure & dead sea bait 1 November to 12 February 2017.
Please remember that no bait boats are allowed at Pitsford Water or Hollowell Reservoir.
Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Rod average 10 (Season 6.1)
Anglers have enjoyed great sport from both the bank and the boats at Ravensthorpe. Those brave enough to fish in the chilly conditions were rewarded with plenty of fish.

Alan Duffin boosted his rod average for the season on Tuesday when he brought 16 fish to the bank on a minkie fished on a floating line off Mongers Bank. Alan returned on Thursday to catch another six fish on minkie and buzzer. Dave McSeveney fished from a boat in the same area on Friday and caught 15 fish on a pink blob.

Pike fishing has been quite slow this week with only a few smaller fish caught, although Mr Butler had a 10lb Rainbow on a whole Mackerel whilst fishing for Pike.

Best Rainbow 4lb taken by Alan Duffin.

Best boat areas Tall Willows, Mongers, Catwalk.

Best bank Mongers.

Best methods See report.

Mid week boat winner Dave McSeveney.

Forthcoming events
Pike fishing lure & dead sea bait 1 October to 30 November