Prodigy Feeder Rod

Feeder rods with a difference.

Lots of rods on the market are adequate, but just don’t have the right feel. With the Prodigy Feeder we have managed to combine peak performance with pleasure in action. Feeder fishing isn’t all chuck and chance it. There’s an art to it and our range lets you enhance your skills and your imagination. Lovely to look at, lovely to fish with, delivering great results.

12ft Feeder
A light to medium feeder rod for all conditions, water types and species. On rivers and stillwaters alike, this rod is capable of hitting distance and handling big fish whilst its quiver tips have the sensitivity to highlight the shyest of bites. At 12 feet this is a wonderful all-round feeder rod.

Four quiver tips – two glass and two carbon
Fuji reel seats
SIC rings for strength and lightness