23rd March 2014 Leegem League Rd 3 –

Moat (60 pegs)

  • N Potter (Map Leegem)

Outer 24


Conditions were far from ideal for this latest round of the popular Leegem league with a cold wind affecting conditions. Nigel Potter drew fancied peg 24 on moat outer and made no mistake with a ton plus weight. Nigel caught on bomb and waggler with pellet and meat for carp to 8lb

  • S Plant (Map Leegem)

Island 2


Scott Plant also had a decent weight from peg 2 on moat Island. Scott fished pellet to the marginal reeds over micros and 4mm feed pellet for 18 carp to 6lb

  • A Sellars (Bankside Tackle)

Outer 100


Andy Sellars fished waggler with maggot and meat for his carp catch

  • P Schoof (Hallcroft)

Island 61


  • P Topham (Retford)

Outer 17


22nd March 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (23 Pegs)

  • A Berisford (Map Leegem)

Outer 22


Arthur Berisford blitzed this saturday field from fancied area on moat outer. Arthur fished feeder and pva bag with micros and hair rigged meat for 18 carp to 12lb

  • S Robbins (Hallcroft)

Outer 18


Styeve Robbins had to wait til the last hour to catch his big carp from the margins on corn over pellet

  • G Mumby (Retford)

Outer 6


Gary Mumby also used the margins to good effect catching 11 carp on maggots and corn over groundbait for 3rd place

  • M Westley (Worksop)

Outer 26


  • C Eves (Worksop)

Island 73


20th March 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat (32 Pegs)

  • D Clegg (Brittania)

Outer 24


Weights slightly improved for this latest vets match on moat pool. Leading the way was stalwart Dick Clegg from fancied peg 24 on moat outer. Dick fished waggler and tip to the aerator with pellet and corn for carp to 8lb

  • J Simms (Map Leegem)

Island 60


Joe Simms stuck to short pole with 6mm expander over micros for his second place weight of 55lb. Joe fed micros and 4mm feed pellet

  • A Berisford (Map Leegem)

Island 63


Arthur fished pva bag with micros and various hookbaits for his carp catch and 3rd place

  • T Brown (Map Leegem)

Outer 15


  • P Schoof (Hallcroft)

Island 68


17th March 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Bridge Pool (19 Pegs)

  • A Sellars (Bankside Tackle)

Outer 18


With the warmer weather the carp have come off the bottom and waggler tactics have come to the for. Andy fished punched hair rigged meat to the aerator for 12 carp to 10lb

  • D Sewell (James Maude AC)

Island 8


Dave Sewell opted for pellet and corn at 10m catching a mixed net of carp and skimmers. Dave caught on 6mm expander and double corn

  • N Wood (Hallcroft)

Outer 14


Nigel alternated long pole with maggot and pellet on the waggler for 8 carp and a few skimmers

  • I Temple (Retford)

Outer 53


  • R Turner (Retford)

Outer 20