HanKat AS Teams Of Three, Round Two
Walsall Canal

(85 pegs)

With the canal frozen it was current UK Champ Jon Arthur (pictured) who showed the field that he is still a force to be reckoned with on canal venues with a catch of 320 small roach from Peg 24 that totalled 9-6-8. He caught at 5m and 9m with joker.
It was also enough to lead his Shakespeare Mach3 side to second place on the day, only beaten by a tremendous performance from the Saints A team of Simon Nickless, Ian Blakeley and Paul Hughes, who dropped only 2 points to finish on 5 penalty points.

1st Jon Arthur, Shakespeare Mach3 9-6-8
2nd Ian Moulton, Drennan NW 7-11-0
3rd Matt Derry, Dams & Lock Derry 7-8-8
4th Paul Bick, Shakespeare Superteam 6-7-14
5th= Simon Nickless, Saints 6-7-0
5th= Darren Massey, Shakespeare Mach3 6-7-0

Teams on Day
1st Saints A, 5 points
2nd Shakey Mach3, 8
3rd= HanKat VDE, 13
3rd= Dams & Locks Derry, 13

1st Saints A, 23 points
2nd= HanKat VDE, 28
2nd= Shakespeare Superteam, 2