Although this method will catch all manner of fish, it’s recognised as a deadly method for targeting quality perch – a species that simply can’t resist the lure of lobworms.

The idea is to inject the head of the worm to make it float, but hold it down on the bottom with a weight (usually a split shot) so that the tail of the worm is touching the bottom.

The air-injected worm still wriggles but not into the mud or weed and out of sight. Even though it’s apparently unnatural, the perch can’t help themselves and tend to wolf down the worm in one gulp.

We used a size 10 Drennan Super Specialist hook for this test – you can use up to a size 6.

Step 1
First hook the worm through its saddle, like this, with the hook point nearest the head.
Step 2
With the needle pointing away from you, draw some air into the syringe.
Step 3
Hold the worm firmly on a flat surface. Push the needle into the worm through its saddle.
Step 4
Gently inject the air into the worm’s head until it swells up.
Step 5
Make sure you put the cover back onto the syringe immediately.
Step 6
Put an AAA shot on the hooklength about half the length of the worm from the hook. Some anglers protect the line from damage by pinching the shot over some thin silicone tubing.
Step 7
In the water the worm will dance enticingly like this, with its tail touching bottom.