Hardy & Greys are pleased to announce they will be again supporting the Wild Trout Trust in 2008.

Hardy has a long tradition of helping water and fish conservation projects both locally and further afield. In 2007 Hardy and Greys donated a £1,000 bursary to the Wild Trout Trust which was awarded to the Wandle Trust in support of the restoration of the river Wandle.

The bursary donated by Hardy & Greys is awarded each year to support worthy conservation projects as identified by the Wild Trout Trust.

A Hardy 8ft 4wt Marksman Rod was also awarded for a raffle to help raise extra conservation project funds. This is the second bursary to be sponsored by Hardy & Greys in support of river habitat projects and Hardy would like to thank the organisations that help protect and improve our waters as a habitat for wild, pristine fish.

Theo Pike, Trustee to the Wandle Trust said;
‘For generations to come, the Wandle will be the urban river that no-one thought could possibly survive the modern era, where every fish is a miracle, and every discovery is new. A river back from the brink- and all the more magical for that.’