The angling industry has come together to get behind the National Federation of Anglers and show their support for the development of angling through membership of the Governing Body for freshwater angling.

Since the launch of the NFA’s three new commercial memberships for fisheries, tackle shops and manufacturers at the end of 2007, the NFA has seen a great response from all three groups.

Last year the NFA spent £40,000 promoting angling to a wider audience, with fisheries and tackle companies all recognising the importance of getting new people into the sport. The key aim of the NFA is to get more people fishing more often and the trades support can only enhance that effort.

Organisations such as Drennan, Hardy and Greys, Korda and Mistral Baits among others have signed up to support angling and they all understand that by supporting the development and promotion of the sport, it directly affects their business as more anglers means more customers. Andy Petherick, Marketing Manager at Hardy and Greys commented, “It’s vital that the industry ensures new blood is coming into the sport. We like the proactive nature of the NFA, also the fact that they realise that for too long angling groups have been preaching to the converted. We need to think outside of the box on this.”

The tackle shop community have also shown outstanding support with a number of shops coming on board in just a few weeks. We asked Richard Takel from Exe Valley Angling tackle shop commented, “I joined the NFA because they deserve some support as they are doing a lot of good work for angling, such as their education programme which gets more young people fishing. The NFA is getting more people fishing more often which is great for me as it means for customers through the door and is definitely worth supporting.”

With the growing number of commercial fisheries, there is a need to create more customers to sustain their business and recognising this fact they have also joined the NFA’s March to Increase Participation. Various fisheries joined up including high profile Angel of the North fishery whose owner Ann Adlington stated, “The way forward for the industry is for everyone to work together to support angling. For us promoting the sport is part and parcel of what a fishery must do and the NFA have shown great foresight and vision for the future of our sport.”

More people fishing more often can only help sustain and develop the club scene, providing enthusiastic newcomers to train as coaches and volunteers and to increase the capacity of the sport at local level.  Linking into competitions and the competition network the NFA want to develop more regular and sustainable angling raising the profile of angling as an exciting, accessible and equitable sport.

The NFA is delighted with the response; however we still need more organisations to help get more people fishing, more often. Last year our coaching programme introduced thousands of people into the sport and we would like to see similar levels over the coming year with our educational programme. It is only with your help that we can achieve these objectives, and help grow the angling industry into the power that it should be. If you would like to join The March to Increase Participation please visit our website, or call 0115 981 3535 for details. Alternatively to discuss this in more detail please email or call who can answer your questions