Dave Harrell once again proved his river fishing prowess by winning the Shakespeare sponsored Hereford Angling Festival. Despite low and clear conditions for this sell-out three-day event, there were plenty of good weights, especially from the pegs in the 80s on the right bank.

The area produced the day one winner in the shape of Martin Challenger, who fished stick float and pole for 37-13-0 of small chub. Day Two’s winner came from two peg 90 opposite the rowing club, Mike Bradley bagging 34-10-0 of dace and roach. Going into the final day Hadrian Whittle was leading the way as the only angler who had two section wins to his name, chased by a pack of three anglers on three points. One of those was Dave Harrell, and he came through to win in style, bagging six barbel for a superb 40-12-0 from a swim that had produced just 3lb on the first day and a dry net on the second! Dave picked up £1,200 for the win and becomes the first angler to win the Hereford Festival twice – he was champion for the first time in 2006.