Last week 89 rods caught 243 fish for an average of 2.73.             

The best fish of the week was an 11lb 9oz rainbow caught by Bob Tench of Shustoke who was fishing from the bank on Cocks Close and he caught it on a sunken purple Daddy Long Legs. Steven Green of Birmingham caught a 9lb rainbow on a Damsel Nymph fished on a floating line whilst fishing from the bank of Cocks Close.  Kevin Brookes and John Kingslake, both of Tamworth, shared a boat on Cocks Close and caught up to 10 fish between them and these all came to a Montana Nymph fished on a sinking line.
On the members’ waters, Hall Pool has been in good form this week and Alan Moore of Coventry fished from a boat on there and caught six fish to 4lb 8oz, all coming to a Damsel Nymph.  Alan Bowen of Birmingham fished on the Park Meadow pool and used small Nymphs to tempt five fish to 3lb 8oz.
Generally the fishery has been in decent form but fishing especially well during the more overcast periods, when there are still fish moving on the top.  On the brighter days, fishing deep with Lures such as Minkies, Cats Whisker and black Tadpole are the best tactics.           

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