Wychavon Championship Qualifier

Evesham Town & Ferry Waters

70 Fished.

1 Kevin Ellerby 8-12-0 (peg 33)

2 Mark Brush (Daiwa Gordon League) 7-3-0 (peg 86)

3 Andy Murphy (Tredegar Angling Centre) 6-15-0 (peg 10)

4 Barry Blakemore 6-14-0 (peg 8)

5 Pete Jayes (Quorn) 6-10-0 (peg 85)


Qualifier: Kevin Ellerby

It was hemp heaven in this Wednesday afternoon Wychavon qualifier, as the frame places were filled with people who caught at least some of their weight on pole fished hempseed.

Winner on the day from peg 33 was Kevin Ellerby, who caught some early fish on maggots, before turning his attention to pole fished hempseed.  In the last half of the match, he added several chunky roach to his tally, to finish with 8-12-0.

For Daiwa Gordon League’s Mark Brush, it was a similar story. A good start on the maggot feeder saw him drop several welcome perch in the net, before switching to hempseed and adding a good number of small, but dumpy roach to his net.

Former festival champion, and Welsh international, Spud Murphy took third spot with a weight of 6-15-0 from peg ten on the Crown Meadow. Again, Spud took most of his fish on hempseed.