The Scottish Federation of Sea Angling hosted the Home International Shore Angling Championships from 3rd – 6th July 2013 for the Juniors, Youth, Ladies and Men’s teams.

The Championship was held on the Angus coast and River Tay estuary on the East coast of Scotland with some fantastic results recorded.   Putting in a magnificent performance was Ireland who went on to win three gold medals at the Championship in the Men’s, Ladies and Juniors categories with England taking the Championship title with a gold medal win in the Youth.

Please see how our individual Angling Trust Team England squads got on with the separate reports below…


Angling Trust England Youth Shore Angling Team take Championship Glory in the Home International Shore Angling Championships

Youth Home International

The England Youth team fished really hard against a strong Wales team, with England this year making up for last year’s runner up place to push Wales into second place to take the gold medal Championship title.

Day one of the match saw England get off to a slow start with Wales out of the blocks first. Both Mark Hurcombe and Ian Brooke’s worked hard with the team to get a final day result finishing on 14 points with Wales on 16.

Day 2 – England were first out of the blocks with fish in all sections within the first 40 minutes with the two new caps leading the way. It was a tight ending to the match, and after some tense hours waiting England came out on top with 1 point ahead of Wales. The spices caught were flounder,  and eels with the odd smelt.

Mark Hurcombe, England Youth Manager said “A very enjoyable and very well run event from the Scottish Federation.   The Youth team did England proud we had two practice days one on riverside and also one at Lunan bay.  On both practice days the team fished very well trying out the rigs that the team had spoke about on both days.  On both days the team remained positive and upbeat with a great sense of pride.  I would like to thank Jo Tudball for all her help, and also to Moonfleet Angling for all the clothing, and Kamasan for all their support.”

The England Youth team were; Callum Graham, Charlie Tudball, Keelan Owen, Ryan Casey, Henry Randall, Ben Harrison (non travelling reserve), Mark Hurcombe (Manager), and Ian Brookes (Assistant Manager).

Youth Team Results
1st England 31 points
2nd Wales 30 points
3rd Scotland 20 points
4th Ireland 19 points


England Juniors Bring Home the Silver in Home International Shore Championships.

Junior Home International

The two practice days for the Junior team went very well, but weather conditions were due to change for the first day in the match, and the increased wind meant that the fishing would be very different to the practice days for the team to think on their feet as the game plan would change.

On day one the team fished Lunan bay, Montrose facing strong winds.  Flounders were the main quarry at short range with dabs at long range once the tide eased.  The team finished the day with two section wins, a second, a third and a fourth, this was enough to give the team a joint day win with Ireland with both teams scoring 14 points.

Day two at Riverside Drive, Dundee saw the Junior team fishing from a public walkway along the side of the Tay estuary.  Flounders were once again the main catch with a few eels and blennies for good measure.  The team finished day two with a first in section, a second, a third and two fourths giving them 11 points, jointly second on the day with Wales.

The overall individual winner though was England’s Martin Payne, topping the table of all junior anglers.

David Graham, England Junior Team Manager stated “Ireland fished well on day two and took a commanding lead from the start and stayed ahead for the duration of the match, and deserved their second day win giving the team the overall win and gold medal.  With four new caps in the five man team the final result was a great achievement and is testament the hard work and effort each and every member put into the championships, we can look to the future with this young team with a high level of confidence for greater thing to come.  The Scottish Federation ran a well organised event and were great hosts, nothing was too much trouble.”

Junior Team Results
1st Ireland 30 points
2nd England 25 points
3rd Wales 24 points
4th Scotland 21 points

Overall England individual placing
1st Martin Payne
5th Jaon  Voller
10th Tom Wartnaby
15th Joseph Smith
16th Jack Cairns

England Junior Team – Jaon Voller, Joseph Smith, Tom Wartnaby, Martin Payne, Jack Cairns, Oliver Saint (reserve), David Graham (Manager), and George Cunningham (Assistant Manager).


England Lady Sea Anglers Battle Hard for Bronze

Ladies Home International

Conditions for the first match were not ideal and totally different in the Ladies practice days leading up to the main event.  However, all team members got on with the job in hand and no-one gave up to fish right to the whistle.  Rachael Jarman went on to win her zone on day one, with Rebecca Adams getting a zone win on day two.  The England Ladies went on to finish with a well earned bronze medal .

Ladies Team Results
1st Ireland 29 points
2nd Scotland 29 points
3rd England 22 points
4th Wales 19 points

Overall Final England positions
Wendy Metcalfe   5th place           Zone placing (2nd and 2nd)
Rachael Jarman     6th place          Zone placing (1st and 3rd)
Becky Adams        10th place         Zone placing (4th and 1st)
Nicky Frewin        16th place         Zone placing ( 4th and 3rd)
Kay Brown            19th place          Zone placing (4th and 4th)

England Ladies Team – Rebecca Adams, Rachael Jarman, Nicky Frewin, Kay Brown, Adele Smith (reserve) and Wendy Metcalfe (Manager).

Wendy Metcalfe, England Ladies Manager said “The venue for the event was outstanding and we were looked after very well by the Scottish Federation.  In fact, I have never been to a Championship’s (Homes or Worlds) that was as friendly as this one was.”


England Men Miss Out on Silver by Just 2 Points

Men’s Home International

In the Men’s competition it was Ireland who led the event to take the winning Championship title.  The Angling Trust England Men’s team started their event at Lunan Bay fishing for flounders and dabs. During the first two hours the team members took an early lead.  However, as the tide flooded fish became harder to locate and despite valiant efforts finished day 1 on 11 points in third position, but still only 6 points behind the leaders Wales on 17. 

Day 2 saw a change of venue due to weather conditions and safety concerns.  The match was held on the rock and kelp strewn shoreline of Victoria park in Arbroath.  It was soon apparent that this was to be a difficult venue with very fish caught early on.  As the tide changed and began to flood in the fishing improved and England began to land codling, eels and a dogfish.  Results on the day were close with England being narrowly beaten.  Ireland finished top on Day 2, scoring a total of 30 points.  This secured them the gold medal.  Although making up ground on Wales during the second event it was not quite enough and finished with 23 points to collect the bronze medal 2 points behind Wales who won Silver.  Scotland, who a bad day at Lunan Bay showed their expertise on the rock marks gaining points lost on the first day, but still finished fourth in the dark bronze position. 

Darren Phillips, England Men’s Manager stated “The event was keenly contested by all involved and a single fish either way could have turned the results upside down.  The Angling Trust England Men’s team would like to thank the hosts Scotland for providing a very competive event and superb hospitality.  We congratulate the members of the Irish team for a well deserved victory and extend our thanks to all competitors for their sportsmanship and camaraderie.  Last but not least, we thank our sponsors Moonfleet Angling for supplying quality team clothing, and tackle and without whose support, participation at such events would be difficult.”

England Men’s Team – Garrie Forster, Neil Cutler, Chris Snow, Malcolm Stote, John Brown, Kenny McCoy (reserve) and Darren Phillips (Manager).

Men’s Teams Results
1st Ireland 30 points
2nd Wales 25 points
3rd England 23 points
4th Scotland 19 points


Thanks to our Angling Trust Team England sponsors

The Angling Trust would like to express their appreciation to the England teams sponsors Moonfleet Angling and Paul Hardy for all their support and sponsorship of the teams providing them all with team clothing, and also to the Scottish Federation for being such good hosts for a well run Home International event this year.