IF you’ve ever wanted to fish the Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire, then this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

This beautiful lake produces some of the very best looking fish in the country with the best so far topping the 40lb mark. 30lb fish are a frequent occurrence and the bailiffs have stopped recording fish below 25lb! At times large multiple hits are recorded; this season has seen several anglers’ record between 40 and 60 fish over five-day periods!

With the end of the Society long-term syndicate permits finishing in March 2003, this fabulous lake can now be made available to all members. Future permits will be issued annually. Permits for the 2003-2004 season are on sale now at only £200.00 which, for the quality of fishing available, is a steal.

Also, if it’s important to you, there’s not an import amongst them (well, this century anyway!)

For more information telephone The Carp Society office on 01367 253959 or visit our website for all details.