How To Hook Hemp

The tcf team bring your three great ways to hook hempseed for the silver fish anglers out there…

In The Shell
This is the simplest, and quickest, way to hook a grain of hemp, but you must choose a grain that can only be opened by squeezing the grain. Don’t expect to catch lots of fish on one grain with this method.

Step 1
Pick a slightly undercooked grain that you can only open up by squeezing the shell.
Step 2
Push the back of the bend of the hook into the opening, and let go.
Step 3
The grain should grip the hook. Note that you need to have plenty of the point showing.

The Knot Picker
Although more fiddly, in our opinion this is a better method than using the shell to grip the grain because the hook is gripped very firmly and you can catch several fish on one grain of hemp.

Step 1
Pierce the blunt end of a slightly undercooked grain using a knot picker.
Step 2
Push the point into the opening you’ve made and turn the grain onto the hook.
Step 3
Push the point out of the opening and push round until it sits at the back of the bend.

On The Hair
Certainly the fiddliest of all and it’s quite possible to break a few grains before you get this right. Once you do, you have a grain of hemp that could last you a whole session.

Step 1
Find a large, undercooked grain and push a needle from the blunt end all the way through.
Step 2
Thread on some white cotton and pull one end through the grain.
Step 3
Tie a double overhand knot to secure the cotton around the grain.
Step 4
Pull the knot tight before trimming off the loose ends, tight to the knot.

Step 5
To hook, simply tuck the point under the cotton and turn to the back of the bend.