How To Make Liquidised Hemp

Feeding liquidised hemp can be very effective when roach, in particular, are your target on clear canals, rivers, stillwaters and drains. You’ll need some cooked hemp and a liquidiser.

Step 1
Don’t fill the liquidiser more than about a third full with the hemp, as it can clog things up. Give it a blast on full power for about 20 to 30 seconds.
Step 2
It’s important to use a liquidiser with a sharp blade. This will split the shells and give the hemp a good mashing.
Step 3
The result should look like this – a sticky mix of broken shells and liquidised hemp kernels.
Step 4
If you fed the mix like this, it would simply sink to the bottom and create only a shallow cloud over the top.
Step 5
The trick is to add water to the sticky, liquidised hemp. This can be done now, or at the liquidising stage.
Step 6
This is more like it – now a milky, hempy cloud surrounds all the broken shells.
Step 7
Now, when it’s fed, you get a lingering cloud through all layers of the water with the bigger bits on the bottom. Perfect!