The Caster Cocktail

Casters are great bait for quality fish, but the problem with them is that they are all-too-easily ‘smashed’ up by small fish before the specimens can get a look in. This rig allows you to retain the attraction of real casters.

Combined with the hardiness of artificials, they have the added bonus of creating buoyant bait that pops up just above your feed bait and is very easily sucked in.

We used the Enterprise Tackle buoyant rubber casters and the hook is a size 12 Drennan Barbless Super Specialist.

Tie your hook on using the knotless knot and leave a longer-than-normal hair off the bottom of the knot.
Step 2
Add a dab of superglue to one of the artificial casters – these are the Enterprise ones.
Step 3
Lay the line across the glue and hold another of the artificial casters firmly onto the first.
Step 4
After around 20 seconds the artificial casters should hold firmly on the hair.
Step 5
Now add another dab of superglue onto one side of the glued-together artificial casters.
Step 6
Then push a real caster onto the glue as shown.
Step 7
Do the same on the other side…
Step 8
… before trimming off the excess length of the hair.
Step 9
The finished article, a buoyant cocktail of fake and real casters.
Step 10
As you can see, the weight of the hook is enough to hold the bait down – irresistible!