The Maggot Clip

The maggot clip is a very recent development that allows the angler to easily fish a ball of maggots off a hair rig.
They are made by Korda and come in four sizes: extra small, small, medium and large.

We used the smallest one for this sequence, paired with a size 10 barbless eyed hook.

By using the buoyant rubber grubs in combination with real maggots, you can create an almost neutral buoyancy ball of maggots, which can easily be sucked up by the fish.

Meanwhile, the maggots wriggle to keep the bait moving and jumping around on the bottom, creating added attraction.

Step 1
Tie the end of your hooklength to the top of the maggot clip using your favourite knot.
Step 2
Attach the eyed hook using a knotless knot leaving a hair about an inch in length.
Step 3
Hook the rubber grubs on first, just like real maggots – be sure to use the floating ones.
Step 4
Three artificials plus four or five maggots are about right on the small clips.
Step 5
The finished article is easily sucked in and always on the move – deadly!