Two huge ling weighing in at 88lb 5oz and 81lb 10oz have been landed by two anglers fishing a patch of rough ground off Shetland. The two fish could hammer the current British record of 59lb 8oz by over 30 per cent.
At the time of writing a claim had been submitted to the British Record Fish Committee, but not yet ratified. There are still a number of questions that need to be answered over the capture of the fish, but it is believed that both fish were taken on rod and line.
Gareth Laurance, aged 23, was the captor of the biggest 88lb 5oz fish, while angling companion Larry Pottinger took the slightly smaller specimen of 81lb 10oz.
The largest fish was estimated at being 6ft in length and having a depth of an incredible 18in. The fish were taken 40 miles northeast of Baltisound, close to redundant oil platform.

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