Ticket sales for the ninth annual running of the Ivan Marks Memorial Match are going exceptionally well but there are still a few pegs left in the draw bag for either day of the two-day event which caters for 200 anglers in total.

Anglers can fish on both days if they book now. 80% of the tickets have been sold, so get in quick or else you will miss out!

Simply choose which day you want to fish this fantastic competition, either Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th May, and send your cheque for £20 per ticket, made payable to: ‘Ivan Marks Memorial Fund’, to: Bennetts Angling Store, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, LE12 7BA. Tel: 0116 230 2818. Tickets can be collected.

Roy Marlow, owner of The Glebe project, is buoyant regarding fishing prospects and reports both The Glebe and Foundation Lake to be in tip-top condition and great form. The usual bumper bags will be caught on a variety of methods and anglers will enjoy a brilliant day’s fishing. Roy confidently predicts a net-bulging weight of 150lb-plus as this year’s target weight!