Sixty competitors took part in the Warwickshire Avon qualifier at Evesham and with the river running cold and clear it was a tough day for most.

James Poolton fancied his chances of a few chub when he drew peg 52 on the Hampton Ferry length. He duly delivered and booked his final place with 14-4-0 of chub, caught on waggler and maggot.

Winner of C Zone at fancied peg 87 was Andy Bruton with 12-11-0 of roach. Half of these fell to breadpunch and the rest to hemp on a light rig at 14.5m.

A Zone winner up at peg 7 was Kevin Millard with 4-12-0 from peg 7.

1. James Poolton 14-4-0 (peg 52)
2. Andy Bruton 12-11-0 (peg 87)
3. Mark Brush 10-0-0 (peg 54)
4. Scott Geens 9-14-0 (peg 35)
5. Ian Shepherd 5-3-0 (peg 64)

James Poolton
Andy Bruton
Kevin Millard