Dog Lane Fishery, Napton, Warwickshire, 30 pegs

Sunday, 30th August


Jet Breakers AC celebrated its 21st charity event by raising close to £1,000 for MacMillan Nurses and Warwick Hospital’s new Lung Cancer & Mesothelioma Support Group. The fund-raising event was held at Dog Lane Fishery near Napton, Warwickshire, which fishery owner Eddie Whitehead kindly donated the use of free of charge.

Keith Palfrey was a popular winner with a hard-earned 55lb 3oz of carp from Peg 18. With strong winds to contend with the Post Office AC angler swapped between pole, feeder and pellet waggler to keep putting carp to 5lb and odd bream into his net. Second-placed Dave James was one fish behind with a level 51lb using pole and corn tactics while third-placed Paul Archer managed 43lb 12oz on pole-fished pellets.

A very special thank you must go out to Lesley Gotschy and Shirley Griffin, the two MacMillan Nurses that braved the elements to meet the competitors during the match. These two nurses also helped to save match organiser Bob Taylor’s life when he was diagnosed with lung cancer four years ago!



1st Keith Palfrey (Post Office AC) 55-3-0

2nd Dave James (Jet Breakers) 51-0-0

3rd Paul Archer (Jet Breakers) 43-12-0

4th Mike Bedding (Sensas Dams & Lock) 41-8-0

5th Pete Palmer (Dog Lane) 33-12-0

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