Day Five – The Final

The final day and finally we have some brighter weather. The weights this week have been amazing; today alone we have had nine 100lb plus weights! I think every one will agree that despite the dreadful weather it has been another amazing festival here at White Acres. Again we would like to thank all the angles for taking part and to Keenets for once again sponsoring this fantastic event.




Bolingey has fished consistently well over the past three weeks and today, the last day of our spring festivals, nothings changed. Steve Sanders takes first overall with 136lb 14oz, Steve caught on waggler and pellet from peg 19 for the victory. Second goes to Gary Hamilton on peg 45, Gary caught on the 16-metre pole out to the bank and weighed in with 121lb 8oz, which included a 20lb 4oz ghostie – picking up the award for biggest fish of the week. Nathan Watson comes in third on the lake weighing in with 107lb 11oz, Nathan caught on the shallow pole with pellet from peg 17.


Section Winners


Steve Sanders                      9 points          136lb 14oz

Gary Hamilton          9 points          121lb 8oz

Graham Tappenden            9 points          89lb

Paul Greenwood      9 points          78lb 1oz 




Another great day for the anglers on Pollawyn with five weights over 100lb. First overall goes to Andy Lloyd topping the scales with a massive weight of 151lb 11oz, Andy caught on the waggler and pellet consistently catching carp all day from peg 29. Tim Rowe on peg 27 finished second on the lake with 147lb 10oz, again Tim caught all carp on the waggler with pellet. Adam Rooney finished third on the lake with 130lb 7oz Adam caught with meat on the 16m pole from peg 20.


Section winners


Andrew Lloyd           9 points          151lb 11oz

Kevin Walters           9 points          123lb 8oz

Claire Dagnall          9 points          63lb 1oz

Kevin Arathoon        9 points          44lb 10oz




Nelsons has fished brilliantly once again with Adrian Marshall taking first overall from peg 11 with 89lb 1oz. Steve Sanders on peg 6 Acorn came in second with 82lb 5oz. Third goes to Rob Brennan on peg 18 Trelawney, Rob fished on the pole across to the island feeding pellet to weigh in with 80lb 9oz.


Section Winners


Adrian Marshall        9 points          89lb 1oz

Steve Cooke                         9 points          82lb 5oz

Rob Brennan                        9 points          80lb 9oz

Mike Dedman                       9 points          68lb


Python/Twin Oaks


Mark Plevin finished first overall on Twin Oaks weighing in with 82lb 4oz caught from peg 10. Jack Harness on peg 10 Python weighed in with 76lb 10oz and came in second, Jack fished worm down the edge. Third goes to Daniel Race, Daniel weighed in with 65lb 9oz from peg 16 Python he caught shallow with pellet.


Section Winners


Mark Plevin               9 points          82lb 4oz

Jack Harness                        9 points          76lb 10oz

Richie Hull                9 points          58lb 2oz

Gary Vincent                         9 points          46lb 13oz




The fishing was still tough on Porth but Derek Hammond took first on the lake with 25lb 15oz from peg 79. Second goes to Dave Schofield on peg 72 who weighed in with 19lb 12oz. third went to Simon Gould on peg 88 with 15lb 1oz.


Section winners


Derek Hammond     9 points          25lb 15oz

Simon Gould                        9 points          15lb 1oz

Mick Webb                9 points          14lb 15oz

Darren Stayne                      9 points          10lb 12oz


Keenets 2005 – The Winners


Well what a week, Rob Brennan takes first overall in this years festival with a un blemished five straight 9-point section wins. Rob finished on 36 points with 332lb 15oz (minus his lowest days weight), his total points and weight was an impressive 45 points 355lb 11oz. Southern Angler’s Simon Gould has also had a great week, Simon finished second with 40 points 240lb 10oz with his worst result dropped this left him also with 36 points but a lower weight with 207lb 14oz. Third goes to Mark Plevin who has crept steadily up the top ten with consistent performances all week. Marks final result was 43 points 300lb 10oz, with his lowest dropped this left him with 35 points 278lb 6oz.


Overall Top 10


1st        Rob Brennan                        36 points        332lb 15oz

2nd       Simon Gould                        36 points        207lb 14oz

3rd        Mark Plevin               35 points        278lb 6oz

4th        Rob Wootton                         35 points        292lb 1oz

5th        Steve Sanders                      35 points        283lb 6oz

6th        Darren Stayne                      35 points        255lb 9oz

7th        Paul Greenwood      35 points        386lb 14oz

8th        Tim Rowe                  34 points        262lb 13oz

9th        Geoff Ringer                         34 points        174lb 14oz

10th     Darren Cox               34 points        168lb 10oz



Well that’s the end of another successful festival at White Acres and also ends our Spring Festival run. Again thank you to all the anglers and to Keenets for your continued support and see you all in 2006.