Restored fishery hosts national competition

 A national team angling competition, the ‘King of the Fens’,  is going to be hosted by Benwick Angling club on Sunday 6 July on the Old Nene at Benwick. The club has been chosen to host the prestigious competition following the restoration of the banks of the old course of the river by the Environment Agency, in conjunction with the Middle Level Commissioners, County Farms, local landowners and Benwick Angling club. 

 The Environment Agency has spent £20,000 on 40 new angling platforms installed along the Old Nene river between Chapel Farm and Halfpenny Toll bridge at Benwick, which allows the fishery to be used again. 

 The fishery had a reputation as one of the best competition and pleasure fisheries in the country, with excellent stocks of roach, bream and tench, but bank erosion had meant that fishing practically stopped over the past few years.

 Kye Jerrom from the Environment Agency said, “We’re really pleased that this top class natural fishery is now back in use and has been chosen to host the ‘King of the Fens’ competition. Rod licence funds have been used directly to pay for the platforms, which give local club anglers and anglers from all over the country access to great fishing all year round.

 ‘Working with the Middle Level Commissioners, who installed the platforms, has allowed us to complete this project to a high standard with a relatively small budget and we hope anglers nationwide will enjoy coming to fish here.”

 Terry Fairbrother Benwick Angling Club Secretary said, “This project will be great for our club and fishing in Benwick as a whole.  It has improved access and comfort for all anglers and made the venue safer especially for children and older members.  The platforms were in use from the first day of the season and club bookings have already increased dramatically as a result of the improvements. It’s great to see the Environment Agency putting something back”.