Lanes Bait Individual League, Makins Phase 2, Lizard and Lagoon, pole only.

Despite the weather being that little bit milder, the pools were still frozen over, so the ice breakers were out, and it made for a very hard, but close match.
1st  Karl Mullen (Lanes Bait)  16lb 4oz (Lagoon 23)
2nd  Ron Savage (Lanes Bait)  15lb 8oz  (Lizard 27)
joint 3rd  Keith Wynn (Lanes Bait) 13lb 8oz  (Lagoon 36)
             Allen Dolby  (Lanes Bait) 13lb 8oz  (Lizard 28)
Karl fished pole and caster, for one bonus carp plus silvers.
Ron fished pole caster and pinkie, again for one carp, and the rest silvers.
Both Keith and Allen fished the pole and caster and caught all silvers.