Lanes Bait Winter League, final round (6) 34 pegs
Meadowlands Fishery, Warren and Lambsdown pools

1st Kev Mcmanus (Tornadoes) 61lb 4oz
2nd Nige Harrhy (Barston) 28lb 12oz
3rd Steve Daley (Maver Solihull AC) 19lb 12 oz

It was a difficult day at meadowlands not many big weights showing, but this did not stop Kev Mcmanus from catching 61lb 4 oz of carp from peg 8 on Lambsdown, fishing the cone with boilie,
Total-Fishing stalwart and Barston Lakes owner Nige Harrhy fished the pole and corn on peg 5 on Warren Pool for second place with 28lb 12oz and Steve Daley in third caught on the pole and pellet from peg 27 on Warren Pool for 19lb 12oz, not enough to win the day but enough points to take top spot in the league overall, a deserved win after fishing consistently in all six rounds.
Second overall went to Kev Mcmanus and third spot went to Rubin Samson. A big thanks from all to Wayne Sharman (Lane’s Bait) and all the guys at Meadowlands for a well-run winter league.

Final League Results
1st Steve Daley (Maver Solihull AC) 16pts
2nd Kev Mcmanus (Tornadoes) 19pts
3rd Rubin Samson (Tornadoes) 24pts
4th Wayne Sharman (Lanes Bait) 26pts
5th Ray Durrant (Meadowlands) 26pts