The results for today’s Golden Rod open held on Willow Lake
13 fished
Terry Kelly    Peg    15
Weight    10lb 5oz
Bait    red maggot
Fished    Bomb
Caught    Carp
Terry comes from Sawtry
Dennis Holliday    Peg    26
Weight    9lb 6oz
Bait    Pinkie & red maggot
Fished    Pole
Caught    Carp, roach & chub
Dennis comes from Biggleswade
John Pratt    Peg    27
Weight    8lb
Bait    Pinkie
Fished    Pole
Caught    Roach & chub
John comes from Great Paxton
Next weeks match will be held on Willow
Let’s hope the weather starts to improve soon
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