Championship match number : 16
TROPHY:   Shipstones Cup
DATE:   7 February 2010

1st Dave MAYO   18 lb 8 oz  
2nd  John ADAMSON  17 lb 4 oz
3rd  Bob DYER   13 lb 12 oz
4th  Steve WILCOCK  13 lb 8 oz
5th  Malc MUNN   10 lb

Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society’s Championship Match 16 was fished on Phase 2 of Dynamite Baits Makins over two lakes, Lizard and Lagoon. Anglers on Lagoon dominated results taking 5 of the top 6 places.
The match winner, on Lagoon peg 2, was Dave Mayo.  Starting on pole, Dave caught a 4 lb bream first ‘put in’ on caster, followed this with several roach, and after switching to bomb and corn at the half way point, hooked and landed a carp of 11 lb 8 oz to put his final total at 18 lb 8 oz.
In contrast, runner up John Adamson (Lagoon 36) was bite-less for the fist 90 minutes then started to catch the odd skimmer bream on pole and pellet after 2 hours. As the match progressed his catch rate increased, and he ended with 8 lb 12 oz of ‘skimmers’ and a carp of 8 lb 8 oz (also on pellet/pole an hour from the end) for 17 lb 4 oz.
Third placed Bob Dyer (Lagoon 10) caught 4 carp on bomb and corn for 13 lb 12 oz, just edging out Steve Wilcock whose 13 lb 8 oz roach catch from Lagoon peg 17 were all taken on waggler and caster.  Malc Munn (Lizard 13) took fifth with a carp plus some small fish for 10 lb, Rob Henrick if sixth (Lagoon 14) with a roach catch of 8 lb 12 oz.
With two matches remaining (River Soar at Kegworth on 21 February and Blake Hall on 14 March) the Championship leader board is: Paul Richardson 208 points; Carl Henrick 202; Malc Munn 185; John Adamson 174; Brian Leafe 174; Dave Kent 170; Mick Lager 149; Steve Wilcock 136.  With 20 points for a win and only 15 results of 18 to count the result remains open.