The forum has been buzzing this week with the news that a 5lb plus perch has been caught in a match… and on very light tackle.

Mick Keeper was fishing the event run by Terry Molley with single caster on a size 20 hook and just 0.08mm (1lb 5oz) line when he latched into something huge.

Anglers around him, including England’s Steve Gardener, thought he’d hooked a carp, and were left speechless when, after a hairy battle on such delicate gear, Mick slipped the landing net under a massive perch that took the scales around to 5lb 2oz.

It’s thought to be the biggest perch ever landed in the UK in a match. The British record stands at 5lb 15oz….
Top match fishing website was not just where the story broke, but also the first with pictures of this fantastic catch. There are two ongoing threads about Mick’s catch, just click on the links below: