How about this for a freshwater bass? The 69lb 9oz 8dr brute looks like being accepted as a new all tackle world record for the landlocked striped bass by the IGFA after being caught on the Black Warrior River near Centreville in Alabama, USA by angler James Bramlett.

The fish, 2lb over the existing best for the species which has stood since 1992, and weighing almost as much as its captor, was caught near to the Gorgas Steam Plant on the Upper Bankhead, and was officially weighed on post office scales which are calibrated to a 10th of an ounce daily. It fell for a ten-inch gizzard shad bait which experienced angler James case to a spot where he’d seen a fish turn and he played it for 20 minutes.

The fish, which was 45.5 inches long with a massive girth of 37.75 inches, also shatters the 70 year old state record for the species by 15lb. A 45 inch striped bass would normally be expected to weigh around 40lb.