Richard Knowles cruised to victory with 154lb of mirror carp from Peg 13 on Club Pool fishing bread to the island and down the edge, well ahead of second-placed Nigel Rimmer pegged opposite him on Peg 11, who used the same tactics for 90lb 10oz.

The Match Fishing Drawbags team of Steve Ringer, Jon Arthur, Joe Carass and Paul Bick won the 10th and final round in this 18-teams-of-four event with 62 points. That also secured the league for the team with a final 555-point tally.

Tunnel Barn Farm Winter League – Round 10

(18 teams of four)


            • 1st Match Fishing Drawbags 62pts

            • 2nd Maver Gold/Bagem 60

            • 3rd Middy Express 55

            • 4th Banbury Gunsmiths 54


            • 1st Richard Knowles (MCM/Bagem) 154-0-0

            • 2nd Nigel Rimmer (Maver Gold/Bagem) 90-10-0

            • 3rd Des Shipp (Barston) 71-9-0

            • 4th Paul Bick (Match Fishing Drawbags) 57-1-0

            • 5th Matt Barwell (Maver Gold/Bagem) 50-15-0

            • 6th Andy Searle (Middy Express) 50-12-0

Final League

            • 1st Match Fishing Drawbags 555 points

            • 2nd Barston 516

            • 3rd Banbury Gunsmiths 512

            • =4th Maver Gold/Bagem 502

            • =4th MCM/Bagem 502