14 teams of five
70 pegs
After two dismal days of most anglers struggling for ounces it was generally felt that day three, with bloodworm and joker allowed, would be better. It was, and even with the river at its lowest level in months roach made all the leading catches and Hadrian Whittle turned in a brilliant long pole performance at shallow Peg 27 to win with 15-1-0.
Second, at Peg 7, was Michael Buchwalder with 14-1-0 and third was last year’s individual winner Gary Miller with 13-15-0.
In the team stakes the in form Shakespeare Superteam turned in yet another solid five man display and continued its fantastic run with 58 points, ahead of Fox Match Trentmen with 55 and England Ladies with 50.       


1st  Shakespeare Superteam   58 points
2nd  Fox Match Trentmen   55
3rd  England Ladies     50
4th=  Daiwa Gordon League    45
Van Den Eynde     45
6th=   Daiwa Dorking     39
  Kamasan Starlets    39
8th  Maver Barnsley     38
9th  Drennan Oxford    35
10th  Quorn VDE    30
11th  Saints     27
12th  Shakespeare Mach 3   26
13th  Evesham & District AA   21
14th  WB Clarke    18

Top three
1st  Hadrian Whittle (Kamasan Starlets) 15-1-0 (Peg 27)
2nd  Michael Buchwalder (Shakespeare) 14-1-0 (7)
3rd  Gary Miller (Van Den Eynde) 13-15-0 (50)

Sections (outside top three)
A – Darren Bickerton (Fox Match Trentmen) 10-11-0 (10)
B – Dean Barlow (Van Den Eynde) 6-14-0 (18)
C – Helen Dagnell (England Ladies) 9-15-8 (36)
D – Gary Pook (Daiwa Dorking) 7-12-0 (51)
E – Pete Scott (Fox Match Trentmen) 8-11-8 (75)

Shakespeare Superteam

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