The ninth RiverFest Qualifier for 2015 took place on the River Yare at Langley Norfolk on Sunday 16th August with 59 anglers competing. With a bigger than normal high tide forecast colouring the river up the main target species for the day was bream and skimmers.

Overall winner on the day was Steve Clark (Maver Image) with 20lbs 6oz of skimmers from peg permanent 147 right of Langley Pump, Steve employed ground bait feeder tactics using maggot and worm as hook bait.

Second overall was Martin Caldecoat (Willow Grange) from permanent peg 123 left of Langley Pump with 19lbs 10oz of skimmers and bream fishing similar tactics to the winner. Third was Colin Oakman (Browning Hotrods) with 16lbs 2oz from peg 68 on the boards section, Colin also employed ground bait feeder tactics to land skimmers and bream to 3lbs.

Fourth was Andy Wilson-Sutter (Gt Yarmouth) with 15lbs 7oz of roach and skimmers from peg 101 on Sluice Bend also on ground bait feeder hook baiting maggot and worm. Fifth was Trevor Fuller sitting next to the winner on peg 146 weighing in 14lbs 14oz of skimmers also on the ground bait feeder. Sixth was Mick Nowicki on peg 127 weighing in 14lbs 11oz of roach bream and hybrids.

Many thanks to the four stewards, Mick Burch, Tony Gibbons, Chris Ward and Keith Westgate for their efforts along with the staff at the White Horse, Chedgrave for making everyone so welcome.

Top 10
1st, Steve Clark (Maver Image) 20lbs 6oz from peg 147
2nd Martin Caldecoat (Willow Grange) 19lbs 10oz from peg 123
3rd Colin Oakman (Browning Hotrods) 16lbs 2oz from peg 68
4th Andy Wilson-Sutter (Gt Yarmouth) 15lbs 7oz from peg 101
5th Trevor Fuller 14lbs 14oz from peg 146
6th Mick Nowicki 14lbs 11oz from peg 127
7th Kevin Humphrey (Diawa Angling Direct) 14lbs 10oz from peg 62
8th Mick Hanks (Diawa Angling Direct) 12lbs 10oz
9th Rob Kepner (Devizes MG) 11lbs 13oz from peg 105
10th Dave McCall 11lbs 10oz from peg 63

Qualifiers going through to the final in November are;
Zone 1 Colin Oakman
Zone 2 Andy Wilson-Sutter
Zone 3 Steve Clark