The inclusion of the orange goose biot along the back really works.
This fly can be fished like a Shuttlecock Buzzer when treated with a bit of floatant. It can also be fished just sub-surface when left untreated.
Fish it on its own, or as a point fly, with a couple of lightweight patterns on the droppers. Both methods can be successful. This pattern is deadly when there is any kind of midge hatch on, so get tying.

Hook: Kamasan B400 size 12
Thread: Black
Back: Orange goose biot
Body: Tying thread
Rib: Silver wire
Thorax: Black seal’s fur
Post: White Antron

How To Tie The Fly


1. Trap the hook in the vice and run on a base of tying thread in touching turns.
2. Secure an orange goose biot to the back of the shank by the tip with a turn of thread.
3. Do the same with some fine silver wire.
4. Now wind the tying thread back up the hook shank, stopping at the thorax area.
5. Bring the biot forward and secure with the tying thread, making sure the biot is level on the back of the hook.
6. Bring the rib forward in six or seven open turns, secure at the thorax and trim the waste.
7. Take a generous amount of Antron and tie it in at the thorax. Make sure the post is the same length as the body of the fly, trim the waste end and tidy up.
8. Create a dubbing rope and dub the thorax area, stopping just behind the eye of the hook.
9. Bring your tying thread in front of the Antron post, so it kicks the Antron up at an angle. Whip finish and varnish the head.

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