Trevor tied with Kieron Rich on points but took the honours with a greater weight in the 2010 Midland Angler Of The Year Competition.

The annual event set up by Nigel and’s Gareth Purnell when he was editor of Midland Angler has retained its original format, being run over two three-hour matches on the same day, one on the feeder, and one on the pole.

Trevor tied his section morning feeder match with Pete Caton, with 31.4lb, both taking two points, then won his afternoon pole section with 37.14lb.
On the far bank Kieron Rich also had a two point first match, with 28.12lb then won his afternoon match with 34.14lb.

Third overall was a three-man tie between Pete Bennet, Amer Jawad and Rob Wootton all of them finishing with five points, but with Pete taking it with a higher total weight of 60.11lb
1st Trevor Robinson, 3 pts, 69.2lb
2nd Kieron Rich, 3 pts, 63.10lb
3rd Pete Bennet, 5 pts, 60.11lb
Sections AM
1 Tim Bull 67.11lb
2 Phil Ringer 37.12lb
3 Richie Hoskins 31.2lb
4 Amer Jawad 39.9lb
Sections PM
1 Grant Albutt 65.8lb
2 Trevor Robinson 37.14
4 Pete Benett 38.12
3 Kieron Rich 34.14lb