THIS monster perch made the perfect ending to 2005 for Prologic’s Product manager Mads Grosell.
“Whilst most people where in the midst of the traditional Xmas meals, I sneaked out for a few hours, with a handful of Prologic’s new Savage Lures.

“The lake was half way covered with ice, leaving my favourite lagoon open. On third cast, a very big perch followed the 8gr Savage Rattle shad jig all the way to the rod tip, leaving me with a pounding heart!

“I decided to wait a full five minutes before I made my next move, to ensure that the big fish was not spooked.

“I placed the crucial cast along the edge of the ice, since I had an idea that the fish was hiding just on this ambush point. I lifted the Jig once, to let it swim back towards the bottom.

“On the second lift I was met with solid resistance. On setting the hook, I knew it was the big one! With shaking knees I played the fish with out most care, the line being 6lb Spectrum FC.

“I had just enough muscle, to keep the big and very angry perch away from the ice. After what seemed to be forever, the fish surfaced and I instinctively slid the net under it.

“Straight away I knew it was a very big specimen, the size and proportions of the perfect fish made it a moment I will always remember.

“The fish measured a full 50cm and the scales stopped at 2300g, making it my best Xmas gift! My gear, was a Savage Gear 240cm Jig n’ spin 7-25g rod, a Okuma VS20 reel, 0,20mm Prologic Spectrum FC line and an 8g Savage Rattle Shad Koi Carp.”